THreadpen Ganesha Series 6-Pack

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All 6 flavors of our Ganesha Series in a convenient package for you to try them all at a discount!

Pineapple Express Strawberry Cough Super Lemon Kush Tangerine Cookies XJ-13 Alien OG

We have striven to provide the highest quality vapor CBD delivery system at the most competitive price. Our cartridges achieve maximum potency of 400mg of pure CBD in 1mL pharmaceutical grade MCT oil based solution.  Any higher, and the CBD precipitates out of solution in the form of crystals. Our custom designed tempered glass and steel vaporizer cartridges work great with the viscosity of the juice and since they are ceramic coil, they deliver a smooth flavorful hit EVERY TIME. Our formula is supplemented with full spectrum hemp oil, and cannabis terpene profiles which allow the entourage effect to give you a satisfying, relaxing and therapeutic CBD experience. All natural; VG and PG free; our THREADPENS are simply the best option for the health conscious CBD connoisseur.